Inside your heart, outside the world.

Contemporary Art in the Public Realm— Invisible Art

on May 14, 2012

This painting is created and done by our group and it took us about 18 hours to finish the whole painting. Our original intension is to find something related to women and speak from women’s perspective. And when our group visited the Hunt Musuem, its jewelry section arrtacted us a lot and gave our group many inspirations, so we decided to extend from the jewelry topic to help us present and constitute our work. What’s more, we are also expecting to find a way that can combine the art with technology and use technology to deepen the concept of invisible, thus the QR code is employeed.

Here, we try to put invisible into this way- you may miss a lot of info at first sight of the painting since the color is really rich and attractive, when you calm down and get closer, you will find the difference and more messages. As for the information embeded and hidden in each QR code, that is a way to provide visitors a chance to discover and understand the meanings behind the beauty. Actually some QR codes are linked to the certain items displayed in the Hunt Musuem.


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