Inside your heart, outside the world.

Shadow Art — There is always a world left there

on May 11, 2012

Shadow art is a unique form of sculptural art where the 2D shadows cast by a 3D sculpture are essential for the artistic effect. Today, let’s view and enjoy several featured and  amazing shadow art from different artists.

                                                             Tim Noble & Sue Webster

                                             1. HE/SHE, (Diptych) 2004


                                                  2.THE ORIGINAL SINNERS, 2000

                                         3. DIRTY WHITE TRASH (WITH GULLS), 1998

                                                              Rashad Alakbarov

                                                 “Fly to Baku”


                                                                 Fred Eerdekens

                                            1. “My emotions escape from language”

                                            2.”Neo Deo”


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