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Why Potted Plant? What is the metaphor of plant?

on May 6, 2012

Why Potted Plant?

1. Easy to reform and potential to develop

It has a pot that can be used as a perfect container to hide most electronic things in order to make the device look like everyday object. Well designed, the digital plant may also have aesthetic values and become a decoration of the house. What’s more, every leaf and petal of the flower is an element, which provide enough space for the future exporation.

2. Metaphors and meanings behind

It is quite interesting to find that in different countries, what will people think or connect in the mind when they see the plant have a lot in common. In China, people will connect the plant to life, people and emotions, etc. Here, when I ask people, they give me a quite similar answer.

Zoltan Kövecses claims that in English, the plant domain is mapped onto a variety of target concepts such as: social organizations, scientific disciplines, people, economic and political systems, human relationships, sets of ideas.

K. Ahrens analyses the LOVE IS A PLANT metaphor in Mandarin Chinese and she claims the following: “Love is understood as plant because plants involve physical growth and love involves emotional growth”.

In the EMOTIONS ARE PLANTS metaphor, different stages of emotion development correlate with the stages of plant growth. The stages of plant growth that are mapped onto the stages of emotion development are: seed, germination, budding, flowering, fruition and withering.

To call forth an emotion is to sow a seed. One thing we know about seeds is that they do not germinate immediately after they have been sown but they undergo a dormant period. This period continues until there are favorable environmental conditions for plant growth (appropriate soil temperature, oxygen, water etc). Similar with the emotion development, with certain conditions (communication, environment, time,events etc) , emotions gradually develop.

Therefore,  using the image of plant to act as the emotional link bteween people and using it to project and visualize the dynamic relationships among people are meaningful.



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