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Reflective Level (Part2: Case study)

on May 5, 2012

1.Instant cameras


Most instant cameras are well designed in its appearance and are very convenient for people to use. What’s more, instant cameras also convey a concept to their users, that is— to keep every moment of your life, so the cameras are more than the tool, they represent an attitude of the owner and a life style.

2. Novel watches


One example here is Time by Design’s series. Each watch is unique design, a new way to tell the time, which makes people to rethink the time. The value of Time by Design comes from the clever representation of time and also it successfully transforms the watch into a fashion statement. People can tell the taste and the characteristic of the owner from the product. Usually the owner of the watch is also proud and satisfied by displaying and explaining it to others.



LEGO is a world famous construction toy, which keeps many people company in their childhood, some people even play it within their lifetime since the joy of LEGO never ends. In addition, LEGO allows users to create rather than to regulate their behaviors.

4. Computer games


Actually, most of cool and impressive computer games are the products of emotional design. For the visceral level, they use 3D to look more attractive and real; for the behavior level, they use handles to accord with people’s using habits; for the reflective level, some games have loyal fans and long-term passionate followers because the game brings them much more than fun, but also satisfaction, sense of belonging, etc.

5. Websites

As for the web design, we can see the value of reflective design from various types of websites, like personal blogs, social network, and e-learning sites. What we need to pay more attention to is the importance of the personalization, the service, the potential relationships and benefits of the websites. Actually people are not relying on the platform, they are relying on the service, the memories and all the relationships they gained through the platform.

6. Robots

Currently in the market, we have many emotion relevant robot products design, like digital pets, therapeutic robots, etc. Most of the products are changing our ways of interacting and communicating with the objects, from one-way to bi-directional, from passive to active. The things we deal with now can give us a direct response in an emotional way, which can also evoke some deeper emotions of people and help to build a long-term relationship with the product.


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