Inside your heart, outside the world.

Current plan and idea for my FYP

on May 5, 2012

Today, people’s ways of living, working and thinking have been greatly transformed. Just by making a phone call or sending a message we can communicate with our friends, located in areas all around the world. However, interactions between people separated in the long term are still largely limited by distance. What we want is to see, to feel, to touch and to show the information and the emotions.

My plan is to create an Interactive Digital Plant that can help and support close family members or friends living apart to better interact and communicate with each other, where tangible interaction, co-participation, emotional design and embodiment interaction are considered.

This Interactive Digital Plant is an interactive artifact which is embedded with electronic controls, sensors, actuators and is a visualization and embodiment of some application or service. It offers the possibility of keeping in touch with someone we find special in a more interesting and less intrusive way. It consists of a pair of interactive potted plants for two people sentimentally connected, each can react to user actions, display some information and synchronize the information and states with distant end user’s device, creating a real-time connection, a physical link between people separated by distance.

Possible scenario and quick sketch:



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