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Computer Monitoring and Civil Liberties

on May 5, 2012

This is the topic that our group chose for the 2nd assignment of Joe’s lectures. We decided to focus on four aspects of this topic: online computer monitoring(Stephen Moylan), monitoring in the work place(Pauline Vereker),  CCTV monitoring(Paul Campbell ) and finally Location tracking: GPS and mobile phones(Daisy Wang). We did a lot of research work in each area before we came to a final presentation. Besides, our group also made four short videos based on four aspects to support the discussion between the different philosophizers regarding with each scenario.

For my part, first I introduced the background of GPS and mobile phone tracking. Second, I discussed the current scenarios where tracking technology is used, including the law enforcement agents, goods/courier monitoring and family/Society care. Then came to a case study UNITED STATES v. JONES, which we may came to a conclusion that GPS tracking did help the police gain much more information and evidence; however, whether the government has the right to install the tracking device on individuals without a warrant is really a law issues. Following this I talked about a future project that may happen in the future China,  the government plans to use mobile technology for surveillance on its residents, which also sparked controversy concerning human rights. Finally I presented the short video “Dude, where is my lighter” to support the possible scenario for my aspect.

Looking back on this assiganment, I have a feeling that sometimes  it is true that we have to give up some rights in order to receive others. A tradeoff between securing safety and trespassing on other individuals is always there.

Actually, this is really a cheerful and enjoyable teamwork. Not only did we gain a deepen understanding of the topic and more research experience, but also a lot of fun while shooting our own short movies. Thank you very much for all the group members, I really enjoyed a lot. ^^

Here is the link that you can view the prezi for our final presentation:

And here are our posters for our short videos: 


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