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Book Review- Hacking:Digital Media and Technological Determinism

on May 5, 2012

This book Hacking is part of Polity Press’s “Digital Media and Society Series”. Reasons for why I choose this book are very simple: it is not too long and most topics discussed in this book are what I am always interested in and which I believe can help me look into and understand the possibilities, sensibilities and ethic issues of twenty-first-century societies and cultures. Actually this book is kind of academic, and contains some part of technology things. However, when I finished the reading, I found it is still a good primer on all-things-hacky, which provides many meaningful and objective information and views for people who are into the hacking society to better understand the real culture of the hacking. Moreover this book contains a lot but tight arguments to give readers more ideas.

The whole book contains 6 chapters: The Hack, Cracking: Black Hats on the Internet, Free Software and Open Source: Collaboration, Objects and Property, Hacking the Social: Hacktivism, Cyberwar, Cyberterror, Cybercrime, Hacking the Non-Hack:CreativeCommons, Hackers who don’t Programme, Programming Proletariat, Hacking Sub-Cultures and Nerds and Geeks, The meaning of Hack.

In my opinion, Hacking is a good and useful guide, not only functions well on introducing the definitions and explanations of all-things-hacky, but also contains rich resources and views to help widen our visions and understandings. However, it is still a little dry to read, containing many academic arguments and cases. But for anyone who is very interested in the social dynamics of hacking or social movements I recommend you to have a look.

Here is the link that you can view the book online:

And you also download the full version of my book review from here: 11012978BookReviewHacking



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