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One demo software I developed before

on March 28, 2012

The software is called magical diary. Beside the basic functions involved in the ordinary notepad software, this software contains a voice recorder, a music play module and a calendar control.

Main Interface:

1.    System: has 3 sub-menu selections, which are new file, save and quit.

2.    Help: has 2 sub-menu selections, which are help and about. It is used to show the version information and give users guidance.

3.    Function: currently provides one function module that is recording module. Click the sub-menu (Recording Module) can call the recording dialog.

4.    Font: provides a font change system.

5.    View: enables users to check the history diary files. Click the sub-menu (History) will call the history management dialog.

6.    Shortcut Toolbar: includes create new files, save files, open files and help.

7.    Calendar Control:  provides an easy way to mark the date.

8.    Climate Additional Information: Users can freely choose the climate description of each day.

9.    Week Additional Information: Users can select the week information of the day.

10.  Text Edit Area: This is where users can write new files and view the specific contents of the history.

11.  Music Control: This module is just like a small simple music player.

Recording Module:

1.    Audio device: Select the audio device

2.    Visual Window: The window to show spectrogram

3.    Sound tracks : Select sound tracks: Monophony, Stereo, Alone (Left, Right)

4.    Save File: File format selection when saved : Wave or Mp3

5.    Record: To record a new audio file

6.    Stop: Stop recording and save automatically

7.    Audio signal input modes selection: Microphone or Line Input

8.    Close: Close the dialog and quit the application

9.    Play: Play the audio files


One response to “One demo software I developed before

  1. F says:

    In what language did you develop it? Did you use any framework?

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