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Remote control and care

on January 18, 2012

Preliminary ideas and plan: 

Design and develop a product or a domestic robot which can help family members to take care of each other, especially can be used to remote care the elderly people who live alone. This product may be designed in diverse forms for different situations and users, it can be a still machine, or an intelligent dolly (also called wheeled robot), integrated with control board, camera, speaker, etc. It can be controlled via multiple ways. With a camera, people can remote control the product to scout the environment and communicate with people in any other place, even on the other side of the earth.

Research values: 

1)    Current situation and its reality value

With the society progressing and various reasons, the rate of the world’s elderly empty-nest is increasing with rapid pace. Health risks and daily security issue of elder people in empty nesters has caused widespread concern in society. Taking care of elderly people and making their life easy and convenient with modern information technology has become hot research topics in many research institutions and companies. However, it is always good to engage more people to study and work together in this area since we still have a long way to go to create more practical products in the real use rather than just stay at some statics and theory research in the lab.

2)    Limitations and innovations

Actually, many technology and products are ready-made and available, which can help develop our own interactive project and applications. In the hardware, besides the basic instruments like computers, routers, we have a variety of microcontrollers, sensors, multimedia devices, machine elements, etc. In the technology, we have Internet, GSM/GRPRS, WiFi, Bluetooth, infrared technique, RFID, etc.

But the structure of the network for the project, the way of the connections within objects and between object and people can be creative. In my project, I hope that the control not be limited in a local network area, it can cover the whole Internet, so not only the people in a home area can control the machine, but also the people live far way. And if the conditions and time permitted, I would like to add internet of things, machine to machine concept to the whole network of the project, to develop more meaningful and powerful applications.

Expected functionalities of the product: 

For the remote users, they can use their computers via Internet to remote control the wheeled robot in another place to move around within its space and scout the local environment freely. They can see and check the situations of the people and communicate with them who live in that space.

For local users, they can control the wheeled robot using some designed remote controller, and with a few clicks of button, they can communicate or leave messages to the people remote, or possibly control the light and some devices’ work around them.

Sketches of the network:

sketch of the network


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